• Defensive Structure

    A thorough examination of various methods of controlling distance and relieving pressure in bottom Half-Guard, giving you time and space to work on your attacks.

  • Underhook Half-Guard

    The bread and butter of my half guard game for years. All my tips and tricks for pummelling for underhooks, and then all the details required to stick to someone like glue and gain top position, even making you able to sweep opponents with much superior wrestling.

  • Half-Octopus Guard

    Over time, people become used to the typical attacks from the half-guard. Half-Octopus Guard is a relatively uncommon position which can easily catch even very experienced opponents by surprise, giving you access to the mount or the back in only a couple of simple movements.

  • Overhook Attacks

    Whilst Half-guard is traditionally more of a sweeping guard, I like to use it as a route to setup triangles and omoplata attacks that are normally attempted from the closed or open guards instead, turning your opponent's underhook against them.  

  • The Dogbar

    A devastating leglock that is available both from top and bottom Half-Guard, and even if unsuccessful can be used for positional advancement, either in passing the guard or sweeping a panicking opponent.

  • Escapes to Half-Guard

    Routes to Half-Guard from almost every position in jiujitsu. This means that you can go from a completely dominated position back to your safety zone and immediately turn the tables and seize control of the roll.

  • And Much More!


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